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I'm in that lazy post-Christmas mood where I don't feel like doing anything productive. I managed to get my syllabus written for next quarter, but otherwise I've been playing video games - mainly Dragon Age: Origins, Uncharted 2 and Rock Band 2 - and reading fun books - Unseen Academicals, Dragon Age: The Calling.

Yes, I am reading a book based on a video game. I'm pretty sure that's a shooting offense in grad school, but I don't actually care. It's actually a decent, little heroic fantasy, although it relies on you knowing the world and some of the characters from the game. Put it this way . . . It's a lot like a D&D campaign set in an existing world that the author already expects you to know. It doesn't have much of the careful, epic world-building of most heroic fantasy. Instead, it's all about the characterisation and plot, which is pretty nifty for a change.

Unseen Academicals is pretty entertaining, even if the social satire is more subtle (but no less pointed) than Pratchett's last few entries in the Discworld series. It took me a while to get into it, as it starts essentially as a take on football culture (soccer for you Americans) and Romeo and Juliet. I'm not British enough to be mad about footie, and so I wasn't grabbed by it from the start. It becomes a lot more interesting and complex as it progresses, though.

Tonight, I'm going to chill, watch some television, make some balsamic chicken for dinner. I'm trying to eat more healthily . . . and only semi-succeeding so far. :P

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The Calling was super fun, but it did make me want to reach through my monitor and slap several characters in the game, namely Arl Eamon and Duncan (as much as I love him).

I haven't met Arl Eamon in the book yet, but young Duncan is rather annoying. I already know that his theft of that suspicious dagger from the First Enchanter is going to . . . end . . . badly.

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