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I'm in that lazy post-Christmas mood where I don't feel like doing anything productive. I managed to get my syllabus written for next quarter, but otherwise I've been playing video games - mainly Dragon Age: Origins, Uncharted 2 and Rock Band 2 - and reading fun books - Unseen Academicals, Dragon Age: The Calling.

Yes, I am reading a book based on a video game. I'm pretty sure that's a shooting offense in grad school, but I don't actually care. It's actually a decent, little heroic fantasy, although it relies on you knowing the world and some of the characters from the game. Put it this way . . . It's a lot like a D&D campaign set in an existing world that the author already expects you to know. It doesn't have much of the careful, epic world-building of most heroic fantasy. Instead, it's all about the characterisation and plot, which is pretty nifty for a change.

Unseen Academicals is pretty entertaining, even if the social satire is more subtle (but no less pointed) than Pratchett's last few entries in the Discworld series. It took me a while to get into it, as it starts essentially as a take on football culture (soccer for you Americans) and Romeo and Juliet. I'm not British enough to be mad about footie, and so I wasn't grabbed by it from the start. It becomes a lot more interesting and complex as it progresses, though.

Tonight, I'm going to chill, watch some television, make some balsamic chicken for dinner. I'm trying to eat more healthily . . . and only semi-succeeding so far. :P

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I haven't met Arl Eamon in the book yet, but young Duncan is rather annoying. I already know that his theft of that suspicious dagger from the First Enchanter is going to . . . end . . . badly.

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