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misc: maxx: shoot me
I'm pissed off and I need to get it out of my system before I grade any student papers. It's really petty too, so I'm annoyed that I'm pissed off about it.

In LOTRO, you get one of your legendary skills at the end of a quest chain, which involves getting boss-drops from instances. I've been batting to get groups for these instances for days, and I finally got one tonight. So, we fought to the boss that dropped it, and the minstrel in my group won the item, since they also need it. That was fine.

The leader of the group wanted to run the instance again, since he needed something else in it. I said that I'd be happy to do so, provided that I was able to get the boss-drop this time. When we got to the boss, I reminded everyone not to roll on the class item I needed . . . and the other lore-master in the group asked me what class item I meant. I explained the whole situation to him, and asked him not to roll on it this time, since I'd kind of booked it at the beginning of the run. Of course, asshole says "Sorry, I need it," rolls on it, and wins it.

I was so pissed. As I said to him, it was a dick move, because a) I'd already called the item and b) he didn't know about the item until I told him about it. If I'd kept my mouth shut, I would have won it.

PLUS, he had been on follow for half the map, so I'd been doing all the work. He literally came back from afk to roll for it.


Hopefully, I can convince some Barrovians to run me through it, since my kin is remarkably dick-free and awesome.

And, yes, I know how petty it is. It's an item in a MMO, and I can probably find another group. It's just I hate it when people are such raging dicks.

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Frankly I'd be shocked if I saw something like that in LotRO. Of course that's par for the course in most MMOs, but the relatively small number of assholes in LotRO is one of the reasons it's the only MMO I'd play for group PvE. Trust luck you'd get lumped with one of them. :(

I was surprised too. The community is normally great, which is why I love playing it.

Alistair's face sums up my feelings about it, perfectly. :D

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